Atlantis Bathroom Shutters

Bali Bathroom Atlantis Silk White

Bathroom Atlantis Silk White

Atlantis Waterproof Bathroom Shutters
Atlantis is made from ABS, a highly durable and waterproof material ideal for moist or
humid conditions and so is recommended for use and bathrooms and wet rooms.
This special material is used in industry to make hard wearing and tough components
for cars, electrical appliances and in the building trade.
Atlantis shutters are constructed using an enclosed timber core in the stiles to ensure
stability and using the same precision manufacturing techniques used in making timber shutters.

Due to rise in popularity of Bathroom/Wet room shutters we are seeing lots of examples of Plastic or Vinyl shutters being sold.

We have chosen not to offer these as we feel they don’t look as nice as our Atlantis Waterproof wood shutters.

They have a very plastic cheap look and feel about them – I most certainly wouldn’t fit them in my house¬† and therefore wouldn’t fit them in yours – Sorry but we have to be honest.


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