Shutter Styles

Bay Window Shutters

Bay windows are a common sight here in the UK and are indeed a beautiful feature.

There are many benefits of having Plantation Shutters fitted to a bay such as:

  • Shutters tend to make the room feel much bigger especially when they are a replacement for heavy curtains
  • Plantation shutters provide much needed shade and prevent fading of furniture and carpets especially in South facing windows
  • Privacy is hugely important to people these days and shutters provide just that
  • Kerb appeal as well as the beautiful interior look is enhanced by having shutters fitted
  • Added security again another important feature that Plantation shutters provide



The History of Bay Windows

Bay windows have a long and rich history, showing up everywhere from medieval castles to modern apartments. The term probably originates from the large windows that were located in the bay, or the area between the window frame and the interior wall, of a castle. This was often a dramatic looking area of the castle, with a high table or other type of dais standing in front of the window, where it could be best seen. While they had a medieval beginning, bay windows gained popularity in the Victorian era.

These windows tend to be very striking and beautiful, but they can also make small spaces appear larger and dramatically increase the amount of light in a room. In addition, bay windows tend to blur the visual boundary of a wall, making it look like the room opens right up into the open air. In fact, they can feel much like a porch or a balcony, only inside and safe from the weather.

Much of the effect of a bay window is visual, making the room feel larger and the wall farther away, but a bay window does actually provide more space as well. This extra space can be used for storage, as a bench for reading, or for many other purposes. Many bay windows are located in living rooms or sitting rooms, where they provide a comfortable place for curling up with a cup of tea and a book.

There are a few different types of bay windows, but they all bow out from the main wall, forming a space that can be round, square, or polygonal. The most traditional form of bay windows has angles of 90, 135, or 150 degrees, but many variations exist. Bay windows can be sash windows or casement windows, for example.

Box bay windows have a 90 degree angles to make a box shape. They include one large window with smaller windows on either side, often with storage or a sitting area in the middle. Other types of bay windows may have more sides and wider angles, such as 135 or 150 degree angles.

Bow windows are just curved versions of bay windows. They contain at least four window panes in a semicircle. This version of the bay window started during the Georgian period and became quite fashionable in Regency-style architecture. They were often used in English country homes, because they provided a view without the discomfort of being outside during cold and damp weather, which the English countryside has a lot of. A circle bay window is an even more pronounced bow window.

Here in the UK, bay windows gained popularity in the late 1800s, due to some changes in London building codes that allowed houses to have windows that weren’t even with the exterior wall.

Today, bay windows can be found in many different styles of architecture as people tend to be instinctively drawn to them, whether or not they know the history.

Here are just a few we have had the pleasure to do


Full height shutters

Full height shutters as the name suggests are classic plantation shutters which cover your whole window in a panel that opens as one piece from top to bottom. You can have as many shutter panels across the width of the window as you can like, from 1 or 2 wide panels to 6 or 7 narrower shutters hinged together to bi fold back when open.

Full height shutters create an open, simple and clean-lined look, especially when your window framing and shutter colour reflects your overall colour scheme.
If you don’t intend to open the panels back often, consider ordering fewer panels. This means you’ll have less vertical wood sections, known as stiles, allowing more light into the room.

A wooden shutter mid rail or divide rail is often used to break the run of slats from top to bottom on full height plantation shutters. You can then tilt the louvres on the lower portion of the shutter panels at one angle and keep those on the top section fully open, giving a clearer view.

Main Benefits:

  • Can be used in almost any type of window
  • They look fantastic when fitted to Patio doors
  • Great noise reduction qualities and they help prevent heat loss
  • If fitted with a mid-rail or divider you can close the bottom section for privacy and leave the top section open.
  • Added security due to having another barrier and we can fit locks to them for added security



Tracked Patio Door Shutters

Make it the perfect choice for large windows

Sometimes, finding a way to dress a large window or patio door can be difficult. That is, unless you know about tracked shutters.

These practical designs use full-height panels that are hinged to special tracks, allowing the tracked shutter to open and close in a concertina-like manner. This sliding-hinge is central to the strength of our tracked shutters and means that even the widest window can be stylishly covered without any loss of stability.

As with all our styles, tracked shutters can be tailored to your needs. Take a look at the ranges available. If you want a design for your bedroom, lounge or dining room then consider our timber and Classique shutter range options. Alternatively, for the bathroom or kitchen you should think about our waterproof style.

You can further tailor your tracked shutters by choosing whether you want a natural wood or painted finish, as well as the louvre width and even the hinge colour.

Book a free home design survey and benefit from our expert advice while making your decisions. As well as offering you all sorts of tips, we will measure the windows and give you a no-obligation quote.

Main Benefits:

  • A durable option for frequently used areas
  • Allows for multiple folding shutter panels
  • Can divide a large room
  • Ideal for patio doors
  • Provide privacy especially at night
  • Added security as we can supply and fit locks


Cafe Style Shutters

Cafe style Shutters are designed to cover only the lower section of your windows. These are the perfect choice if you want to prevent passers-by peering into your home. The top part of the window is usually left with nothing at all covering it, except maybe a roman blind or curtain for evenings.

If you are going to keep these shutter panels closed most of the time, with the slats tilted at a very slight angle, we suggest you go for wide panels.
Fewer shutter panels on the window will create a more open, spacious look to your interior. If, however, you plan to open your shutters regularly, you may want narrower panels to fold back more discretely.

Main benefits

  • Chic, continental design Covers only lower half of a window
  • Allows natural light in, without sacrificing privacy
  • Choose from natural wood stains and painted finishes


Tier-on- tier shutters

Tier on Tier shutters (also known as double hung shutters) are designed to let you open the top section of shutter panels independently from the lower section. These are a great choice if you are concerned about privacy but still want to allow maximum light into your room.

Say, for example, you have a lounge or bedroom window overlooking a busy road. With tier on tier shutters, you can have the lower tier of panels closed with slats tilted, giving privacy but retaining flow of light and fold back the top shutter panels so maximum light can enter the room.

We usually advise narrow width panels, hinged together for tier on tier shutters. This means they can ‘concertina’ or bi-fold onto each other neatly when they are opened, keeping the windows clear.

That’s probably why these shutters are very popular for Victorian and Edwardian style 135° angled bay windows (sash window type bays).
Tier on tier shutters work well if you are going to open the top panels on a fairly regular basis. If, however, you are likely to leave the top shutters panels closed, a better option might be full height shutters.

Main Benefits

  • Complete privacy or a level of light to enter the room through the top part of the shutters
  • More combinations as you can change the look of your shutters
  • An ideal stylish option for sash or bay windows

Special Shaped Shutters

Beautifully Shuttered can supply and install a full range of shaped shutters to fit nearly all sizes and shapes of window. As well as our extremely popular range of full height, tier on tier and café style plantation shutters, we can also produce shutters in a wide range of shapes and sizes.
Special or unusual shutter shapes include the half round, the eye brow and the elongated half round, the quarter round, the circle, hexagon, octagon and the triangle. Sunburst designs can be incorporated into arches or sit atop T posts or a divider strip.

Shaped Shutter FAQs

What is the full range of shaped shutters that are available?

Aside from the full height, the café style and the tier on tier range of shutters, the range of shaped shutters includes; The half round shutter, The eyebrow shutter, The elongated half round shutter, The quarter round window shutter, The circular window shutter, The hexagonal window shutter, The octagonal window shutter, the triangular window shutter and the arched window shutter.

Is there any type of window that can’t be fitted?

We haven’t come across one yet.

In fact we have been told on many occasions by customers that other shutter companies have said it can’t be done – Well we say and prove it can be done.

Conservatory and Garden room Shutters

Beautifully Shuttered can supply and install a full range of conservatory shutters which will add that finishing touch to your home.

Whatever the shape of your conservatory or Garden room and the size and shape of the glass panels within it, Beautifully Shuttered has your ideal conservatory shutter solution.

Choosing Shutters for a conservatory

Plantation shutters are used in the conservatory for their great looks and functionality. Fitting plantation shutters to the glass panels is the very best way of reducing the glare of the sun, whilst allowing the maximum amount of daylight into the room.

Conservatory plantation shutters can be fitted to match exactly with the shapes, sizes and angles of the sheet glass panels that make up the doors, windows and ceiling of you conservatory. In this way, they can very effectively guard against blinding sunlight, from whichever angle it comes.

When in the open position, the louvered slats allow in plenty of natural light. Their clean, straight lines echo the shape of your conservatory and since each lightweight but hard wearing slat is supported at either side, it will not sag in the middle and will remain very neat and precisely aligned.

Wooden plantation shutters are also very versatile and need not be in place the whole time.

They can be slid to one side when not in use or for ease of glass cleaning